Glued facade

Traditionally, ceramic tiles have provided a suitable solution for covering façades.

The different stresses that may be produced on buildings over time cause problems of detachment, especially if ceramic tiles are not installed using the proper adhesives, keeping in mind the large ceramic tile formats currently being manufactured.

Given the low rate of absorption of porcelain tiles, ALCALAGRES recommends that large formats be installed on façades using the floating and buttering method in combination with mechanical fasteners.

To ensure proper installation, the original wall substrate should be completely dry and settled, without any defects in flatness over 2 mm. and it should have a textured finish that ensures the perfect adherence of porcelain coverings.

A cement-based adhesive should be used that is compliant with the EN-12004 standard, with elastic properties that reduce the effect of stresses. It should be guaranteed by the manufacturer for all-weather use.

Glued facade

As a complement to adhesive bonding, ALCALAGRES proposes mechanical fastening using clips fixed with epoxy or polyester resins or non-shrinking mortars. These clips are made from stainless steel and hold the porcelain pieces in place by mechanical means.

It is necessary to leave joints between tiles with a minimum width of 4 mm. Tiles should never be installed without joints.

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