Ventilated facade

At ALCALAGRES, we are working to offer a full range of ventilated façade solutions within the Integraplus programme.

The ALC UNIVERSAL Ventilated Façade Systems, finished in Integral Porcelain Tiles, were created as one of the optimum ways of avoiding aesthetic, acoustic and energy problems that may arise when designing the “outer layer” of new constructions, as well as an important solution in the refurbishing of existing buildings.

One of the main features of our systems is the creation of a chamber of circulating air between the original wall of the building and the Integral Porcelain Tile, significantly improving the building’s insulation, obtaining energy savings of up to 30% compared with conventional façade cladding systems.

With the ALC UNIVERSAL Ventilated Façade Systems, Alcalagres has launched three types of systems onto the market: visible fixing, hidden fixing and the scaled system, an exclusive innovation that sets it apart from the rest.

Visible Fixing System

In the ALC Universal visible fixing systems, the clips used to secure the Alcalagres Porcelain Tiles to the profiles are slightly visible from the exterior.

These anodized aluminium clips are enamelled in a similar colour to the selected Alcalagres porcelain tile, and the clips simplify the dismantling of the tiles should they need to be replaced for any reason.

The type of clip varies in accordance with the porcelain tile to be used on the façade, and the exterior conditions where the building is located.

Ventilated facade

Hidden Fixing Systems

In hidden systems, as its name suggests, the integral porcelain tile hook is not visible from the exterior.

To accomplish this, two of the parallel edges of the porcelain tiles are machined with a groove sufficiently thick enough to insert the securing clip. The purpose of this clip is to transfer any cutting effort that may occur for different reasons and allow the free movement of the tile when it expands.

Ventilated facade

Ventilated facade
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