Respect to nature

Back in 1990, when no one was concerned about respect for or protection of the environment, when environment-friendly practices were not mandatory, Alcalagres was established with a strong commitment to sustainable industrial development and environment-friendly standards, aimed at passing down a clean, healthy environment to future generations.

This concern has accompanied the firm for all these years, filling the premises and informing the manufacturing processes at the plant based in Camarma de Esteruelas. Fulfilment of the requirements set out by the international environment management standards UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 earned the company AENOR’s environmental management certification, which acknowledges the efforts made by everybody in the firm to prevent pollution and manage natural resources wisely.

At present, Alcalagres seeks to accomplish its goals and objectives by carrying out regular, updated inspections of all the departments in the organisation, in order to ensure they comply with all environment management regulations, and by working with suppliers that also embrace the firm’s values and practices in this respect.

As far as respect for and protection of the environment are concerned, Alcalagres manufactures several products using recycled materials. These have a quality as high as that of any other product from the company, but they favour the sustainability of industrial processes.

These industrial processes, starting with the arrival of raw materials at the plant, are characterised by sustainability from the earliest stages, since the firm uses natural minerals like clay, feldspar, or silica and natural dyes. The materials are treated mechanically and then fired to obtain the integral porcelain tiles.

The output is durable and resistant, which means that Alcalagres’s floor or wall tiles have a long lifespan, high resistance to stains and, therefore, low maintenance costs. Since the tiles are chemically inert, they can be used as backfill.

All in all, the Environment Department of Alcalagres wants to convey the message that it is possible to be successful at respecting the environment while still manufacturing top-quality products.

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