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From the initial manufacturing stage, in which the raw materials are selected until the end product is obtained, the Alcalagres Integral Porcelain Tile is characterised by the company’s 20-year commitment to quality, research, development and design.

The final technical characteristics of high resistance to flexion, intense movement of people, rolling, frost, chemical aggression, low level of water absorption, < 0.1% and the variety of formats available from the manufacturing process, make the Integral Porcelain Tile an essential material for professionals, particularly when faced with a new project requiring long lasting, resistant and decorative solutions.

In its efforts to provide maximum solutions to professionals of the sector, Alcalagres manufactures rectified and single caliber Integral Porcelain Tiles in 30x30, 30x60, 40x40, 45x45, 60x60 and 90x45 formats, which are available in different series with honed, glazed, rustic, natural or polished finishes, depending on the intended use of the series in question.

In order to produce Integral Porcelain Tiles, we have an expert team of specialists who strive continuously to ensure that the manufacturing process complies with the strictest quality controls. Indeed Alcalagres-Estilya complies with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standards.

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Quality experts

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